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Dread Central

The Scarlet Witch’s Transformation from “Final Girl” to Carrie
Sam Raimi’s Wicked Horror Spin in Spider-Man 1 & 2


10 Years Ago, The Bourne Franchise Did One Without Matt Damon
40 Years Ago, Rocky III Gave the Franchise a Second Life
20 Years Ago, The Scorpion King Turned The Rock Into a Movie Star 

Film Daze

Love 2.0 in The Matrix Resurrections
Halloween and The Shape of Trauma

Flip Screen

When All Other Lights Go Out – The Comfort of LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring 20 Years Later

The Underscene

Malignant – James Wan’s Most Audacious Horror Movie Yet

Film Cred

On Pixar’s Soul, Ambition, and Regular Old Living

Pop Matters

Fleabag and the Inescapable Awkward Family

Entropy Magazine

The Ghosts of Estrangement in The Haunting of Hill House
A Star Is Born: The Artist vs. the Self
Annihilation Now

Odyssean Travel

The Sublime Spectacle of Haleakala’s Sunrise
Whale Watching – An Unforgettable Song in Maui’s Waters
Snorkeling the Not-so-Lonely Islet of Molokini

Homey Hawaii – Local Music Reviews

Hiking Lahaina’s Pali Trail
Anuhea ‘Follow Me’ – A Passion-Infused Reverie
Kimie Miner’s ‘Proud as the Sun’ – A Soulful Getaway

Found Polaroids

#168: Story Two

Thought Catalog

So You’re Going Through a Quarter-Life Crisis
You Were My Movie
Ways to Spot a Fake Friend
What You Should Know Before You Cheat on Your Partner


Ode to Sadness

The Good Men Project

On Being the Other Father


Feel Good (and Bad) Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

A Quiet Courage


Freshly Pressed (Now WordPress Discover)

Loneliness is Underrated